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Vivacious Vegetables

• Certified Seed Potatoes
• Onion and Shallot plants
• Jersey Grown Ferris Vegetable Transplants
• Available NOW

Asparagus Roots are Coming Soon!!

• Jersey Supreme, high yielding, early harvesting
• 15 crowns per bundle
• Available mid-April, while supplies last.


• The perfect shade perennial.
• Award winning varieties and exclusive collections.
• Available Early April

It's PansyMonium!

• Bold, rich colors for your containers or planting beds.
• Special Ferris-grown cold tolerant blooms that yell "Spring is here!"
• Available NOW!

Superb Shrubs

• These new varieties offer multi-season appeal, spectacular flowers, colorful fall foliage, and winter berries.
• Available Early April

Precocious Perennials

• We've searched the world over, and selected the all-stars of gardening.
• The cream of the crop!
• Available Early April

Now in season and on sale!

The Best Gardens Always Start With The Best Plants....
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